15 Pubs In Bangalore Where The Food Is As Good As Their Beer
By: Deepika Singhania on Aug 1st, 2015

Bangaloreans and their beer - only they understand what and how deep their love is. The classic wine and whiskey is always there, and so is the hangover guaranteeing vodka. But beer always remains closest to the heart! And with beer, comes some delicious food that you can and want to ravish. So, here are some of the best beer and food combinations that the pub city’s most happening pubs have to offer.

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Arbor Brewing Company
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One of the biggest micro breweries in the city, ABC’s trivia in the menu tells you all that you need to know about the beer you choose and the food you should be pairing it with! Order your pilsner or the wheat beer and get some of their yummy ‘flaming chicken’ or the ‘I like to party’ pizza. The vegetarians can go for the onion rings or the cauliflower and babycorn Manchurian. The good music, service and ambience are an extra plus!


Where: Opposite Garuda mall, Magrath Road.


Cost for two: 1800 INR. (with alcohol)


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With six regular brews as well as other occasional ales, this place is always brewing with people and the right kind of music. It defines Bangalore’s weekends with the chilled out ambience it has. You can try the smoked Scottish ale or the dark knight and order one of their divine pizzas. You could pick the ‘veggie attack’ or the ‘Jamaica maan’ and it will not disappoint you!


Where: 100 feet Road, Indiranagar


Cost for two: 2200 INR. (with alcohol)


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Vapor Pub and Brewery
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This micro brewery is the kind of place that you’ll keep coming back to again and again, if only for the cosy ambience. It has five amazing craft beers, out of which you can sample four at a mere INR. 150. Their beer cocktails are also beautiful! Once you’re done ordering the beer, try out their delectable chicken wings or the to-die-for hummus and pita! You will surely want more of it.


Where: 100 feet Road, Indiranagar.


Cost for two: 1500 INR. (with alcohol)


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The Biere Club
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The city’s first brew-pub is sprawled across three floors and an ambience that gives you the old British pub feel. This place is known for its wheat beer and lager and every other drink, really! The food here is equally delicious. You can opt for their kebab platters or the heavenly skewered prawns dipped in hot garlic butter. You’ll fall in love with the potato wedges and their combination of hummus, falafel and crispy lavish chips.


Where: Lavelle Road


Cost for two: 1800 INR. (with alcohol)


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Prost Brew Pub
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Prost is German for ‘cheers’ and this place is the best place to lift those tall beer glasses and say cheers with your buds on a Saturday afternoon. With six beautifully brewed beers (which are available on tap), the food here is a perfect match for you beer lovers. Their onion rings, falafel with pita bread, and nachos are a good pick for the veggie lovers, while the meat addicts can opt for the tandoori prawns and fish fingers. Their pizzas are also a must try!


Where: 80 feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala


Cost for two: 1800 INR. (with alcohol)


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Big Brewsky
Image credit: liveinstyle.com

The ambience here should be enough to draw you in through their large array of freshly brewed beer, that is completely out of the world! If chicken is your thing, you should try out their hot crispy chicken strips or even their nachos, which go well with the beer. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you choose, because the food here is good overall. Just get your seats by the exotic pond and there wouldn't be anywhere else that you’d want to be.


Where: Sarjapur Road


Cost for two: 1800 INR. (with alcohol)


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The 13th Floor Bar
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Ideal for a weekend outing with your better half, especially when Bangalore weather is at its best. Known for its romantic ambience and a mesmerising view of the Bangalore skyline, it’s the best place for that date night. Grab a bottle of beer (you’ll be happier if the happy hours are on) and order some of their perfect chilli chicken and Thai crispy vegetables. The paneer starters are a beauty! The vegetarian crowd will love this place.


Where: Barton Centre, M.G Road


Cost for two: 2200 INR. (with alcohol)


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The Boozy Griffin
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Your perfect English pub, with a cosy and pleasing ambience is here. Get the beer while you watch some football or play some foose-ball. Team it up with some French fries, their trio cheese fritter or the Irish nachos. The frittos mistos and chicken parmigiana is good too. There’s also an old-school telephone booth (for all you Dr. Who fans), where you can take your calls away from all the noise.

Where: 5th Block, Koramangala


Cost for two: 1700 INR. (without alcohol)


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Image credit: whatshot.in

When you’re planning to grab a beer with your office buds on the weekend and it’s end of the month, this place is a good option. A decent ambience, some popular music and some jenga will make your evening. Add their nachos and some chicken wings to the beer and you’re good to go. Their jerkin’ around pizza is a must-have with the beer! The harissian (fish starter), teriyaki paneer and the peanut masala also work well.


Where: Church Street; 100 feet Road, Indiranagar


Cost for two: 1100 INR. (with alcohol)


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One of the oldest pubs in Bangalore has the city swearing by this place. If you can’t handle the pretentious show in fancy places, then this is your holy grail where you get to see the real Bangalore pub culture. Order your beer and order their garlic chicken or paneer or the chilli chicken. The chilli beef is to die for! The chicken ghee roast is a must have with the draught beer and the classic rock that you’ll fall in love with.


Where: 100 feet Road, Indiranagar. (You can check out the other outlets as well)


Cost for two: 800 INR. (with alcohol)


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Windmills Craftsworks
Image credit: windmillscraftworks.com

If you’re bored of going to the regular pubs, this is the one you should head to for some spunk. With a lovely ambience, this place has in-house brewed beer that will make your weekend. The mushroom galouti kebabs and the onion rings will make everyone happy! But if you dig for the meat, then you have to try their hot chilli prawns and Persian kebabs. The soft soothing music makes for a perfect date.


Where: EPIP Area, Whitefield.


Cost for two: 2500 INR. (with alcohol)


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Church Street Social
Image credit: jointhebusride.com

After you’re done with your shopping, head to this place to hang out with your pals, alongside some chilled beer. The ambience and the variety of seating will be enough to attract you to the place. The drinks are beautiful and the food even better. They have delicious nachos and chakhna. Their death wings and Southall fish 'n’ chips will make you want more! Try out their chocolate blood bath, if you’re up for some dessert!


Where: Cobalt Building, Church Street


Cost for two: 1400 INR. (with alcohol)


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District 6
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Unravel your evenings at this upbeat and exquisite brew pub with its wooden décor, mild lighting and breathtaking ambience. The beer here is to die for, while the food that comes with it will make your mouth water. After you've ordered with your beer, order their spiced root vegetable chips or spicy chicken nachos. The onion rings here are mind-blowing! If live music is your thing, then this place is a must-visit.


Where: Sheraton Hotel, Malleshwaram


Cost for two: 2200 (with alcohol)


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High Ultra Lounge
Image credit: timescity.com

Want to get lost in good music and a kickass view of the city, while you savour your beer with some outstandingly delicious food? Then come to this extravagant place and get yourself their five spice chicken wings or the chicken in mint and basil. The spices will complement the beer perfectly. You can go for the cottage cheese with tomato compote if you’re vegetarian. The soft succulent pieces of paneer will leave you delighted!


Where: Brigade Gateway Campus, Malleshwaram


Cost for two: 2600 INR. (with alcohol)


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Jimi’s Beer Café
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If you want to go retro rock and metal while you’re sipping on that ice-cold beer, this is where you need to be. The cosy ambience and the loud music transfer you to a world of your own. Order the peanut masala or the crispy babycorn if you’re a vegetarian. The chilli pork and the chilli chicken go perfectly with your drink. The pool table is an added bonus!



Where: 12th Main, Indiranagar


Cost for two: 1000 INR. (with alcohol)


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What are you waiting for? Go have some of the yummiest food and beer combination while you bask in the Bangalore weather. Have we missed out on any other pubs? Tell us, in the comments section below.

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