See Green: 9 Easy Ways to Grow an Indoor Garden
By: HDFC Home Loans on Jul 8th, 2014
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A breath of fresh air

Indoor gardens have become all the rage across the world. We aren’t referring to those pretty potted plants kept by your window sill or that lone fern in your balcony. We’re fixated on the trend of growing a full-fledged garden inside your home. Think of it as bringing the outdoors inside, complete with the benefits that nature has to offer. Not only will it add a dash of freshness to an otherwise dull space, an indoor garden also purifies the air and reduces stress, besides helping—in a small but crucial way—to counteract the lack of green zones and rising pollution and heat levels that are plaguing most Indian cities today.

Living walls

A vertical garden on a single wall is perfect if you don’t have ample space in your home. Pick an empty wall in your house, preferably one that’s situated in a room that gets plenty of sunlight. When it comes to assembling a green wall, opt for a landscaper who will put together a neatly latticed gardening system for you instead of spending an exorbitant amount on modular vertical gardens. But if you want to cut the expenses, consider a do-it-yourself approach. For a wall that’s green on all levels, place potted plants on up-cycled wooden shelves that would otherwise go to waste.

Clean and green

There’s nothing better than growing your own herbs that can be used in the food you cook. Not only will you be self-sufficient to a certain degree, but you’ll also be freeing yourself from added pesticides, besides doing away with additional grocery expenses. Start off with tiny potted herbed plants placed in a wooden tray that are compact enough to be placed in your sunlit kitchen, by a window or in your living room. Herb gardens brighten up corners and serve a purpose too. Or, reuse tin cans as potters for your herbs to give your kitchen a vintage touch.

Potted trees

You can grow any type of tree, including banyan and palm, in the confines of your house. You read that right! This brings us to the ancient art of growing bonsai. While most bonsai are traditionally grown in the outdoors, there are some tropical and sub-tropical varieties that thrive indoors. Available in different varieties and sizes, these fully-grown yet miniature trees can add an aesthetic touch to each room of your home. But with beauty comes responsibility; bonsai must be watered regularly and repotted at regular intervals.

All patched up

Grow a patch of ferns or a bed of colourful flowers amid grass on a table with a low top; or better still, on the floor of your balcony. While this type of garden might require a professional landscaper, it is not any different to maintain from regular plants.

An eco-system in your home

If you cannot dedicate a big enough space to your indoor garden, a miniature garden will do the trick. Terrariums, or mini gardens enclosed within glass bowls or containers, are a self-contained eco-system. Flowering plants like orchids and other moisture-loving plants thrive in closed terrariums, while those that require a good dose of sunlight work well in open terrariums. Whichever one you choose, it is bound to be an interesting addition to your home.

Easy gardening

If there’s a plant that’s conducive to indoor gardening, it has got to be a low-maintenance variety known as succulents. Succulents require indirect sunlight and hardly ever need watering, making them the perfect option for those who have fast-paced urban lifestyles. Better still is the fact that they are beautiful to look at and are available in different shades of green, purple and even orange. Group a few tiny potted succulents together to liven up a bathroom, kitchen or a nook in the living room.

A beauty among the thorns

Even if you feel like you don’t have a green thumb, you can still own an indoor garden. Easier to maintain than most other houseplants, cacti have evolved to grow in very harsh environments. Instead of placing individual pots in different rooms, opt for a unique approach by growing a cactis garden. If given enough sunlight, a cactus can live forever.

Hanging gardens

If you don’t have much space to spare, you can also go vertical with a stylish hanging garden. Easy enough to be assembled without the help of a professional landscaper, these seemingly floating gardens do much to add an interesting element to any corner of the house. All one needs to do is arrange four of five small plants in suspended glass baubles, decorative planters, clear or green-tinted wine bottles or terracotta pots of all sizes in alternating heights. Find a nice space near a window, against a wall or even in the kitchen.

Fruit of the land

Fruits like lemons, oranges and peaches don’t always need to be grown in orchards. They can be cultivated in the comfort of your own home, albeit as miniature versions of the real thing. Grow these plants in big glass bottles and relish the fruit of your labour as you gaze at their pretty blossoms throughout the year. We hope these fun ideas will help you nurture your green thumb. Which type of indoor garden would you choose for your home? Share your thoughts as comments below.

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