Chat In The Cafe With Siddeshwar Sid, On Photography, And Covering A Reality Wedding Show
By: Avinash Kumai on Mar 30th, 2017
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It would be quite a task to etch out the journey of city-based photographer Siddeshwar Sid – from a graphic designer to a shutterbug. But let us focus on the photographer bit, shall we? We can save the former for later. Further, from the time he stepped into his new profession, work, does not feel like work, it seems more like play. Covering genres like wedding, maternity and more, he is happy and busy as ever. In this interview, we catch up with Sid, who tells us more about how he got into photography, the challenges he faced, and his experiences on covering a reality wedding show (in association with Canvera) and more.      

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Alright, let us start from the beginning. Can you tell us about your fondest memories of you while you were young? Things that pushed your creativity and made you what you are today?

I do remember working on roll cameras, but they were all a disaster. Also, my first digital camera was equipped with 640x480 pixels, yes, you read that right. I loved almost every picture I took from that camera. Those days, digital cameras never had a display. But, later I realised that those pictures are of no use for printing.

My first DSLR was a Canon 550D, I still have it. The fondest memory of this camera was, I hacked the camera with Magic Lantern. Magic Lantern is a free software (add-on) that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren’t included by Canon, turning the camera into a semi-pro camera instead of a basic one. Yes, this feature gave me a pro edge, people fell in love with my photos, and they suggested me to take it a step ahead, and here I am.

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When was the first time you held a camera? Could you describe the feeling you had at that moment?

I don’t, I was way too young. (laughs)


Things you love and about photography?

I love to click people and show them that they are beautiful! People fascinate me rather than wildlife and nature.

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How would you describe your style?

Something that comes straight from camera, this is my style. I do not believe in post-production. With this statement people might think I would not have skills on post-production, but here is the fact – even before I stepped into photography, I was already an established graphic designer, working for many print media companies.

Post production makes a photographer lazy; it gives them the options to cover their mistakes.


You recently covered a reality wedding show in association with Canvera. How was the experience like? Memorable things that you might recall?

I must say that I totally fell in love. In the beginning, I had planned to shoot the whole affair in segments – few frames by me followed by my team, but I loved it so much I fully covered it myself; now this says how much I enjoyed it, right? (laughs). Soma Vineyards was the best place (the location), which made it memorable for me as well.

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According to you, what makes a good wedding photographer and who is a good wedding photographer?

Today’s trend on wedding photography is all about candid photography, but this won’t give a wedding photographer success. Sometimes they end up with disappointing clients; wedding photography must be a perfect mix of conventional photography plus candid photography along with directional candid photography. Those who would have this perfect mix can take wedding photography to the next level, I feel.


Your influences?

Chenthil Mohan. 

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Your views on taking pictures through mobile devices, and how it has taken photography to a new level. Your comments?

If someone is shooting in automatic mode, I suggest them to use mobile devices rather than buying expensive DSLRs.

Shooting in fully manual mode gives a photographer freedom; shooting in automatic is like driving a moped, whereas shooting in manual mode is like riding a bullet. Initially, you would have hiccups, but in the long run, you would enjoy riding a bullet rather than a moped.


Challenges you faced and still face while trying to make it in this business?

I don’t see anything much challenging in this business as we exceed our client’s expectation almost every time.

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What are the key factors to make it in the photography business?

Not sure about the photography business in general, but for wedding photography, one must have the passion to photograph people. I have seen a lot of them passionate to click wildlife and landscapes, but they take up weddings just because it pays. My passion to capture people has made me more successful.

One more important key factor to success: It doesn’t matter if a photographer had clicked best pictures in his previous ventures or even has got awards for the same, it always matters what you have delivered in each and every event.


Hobbies you indulge in while you are not working?

This is a funny question for me; do you call photography as working? Photography is not just my hobby, it is my passion. I love every bit of it.

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What has photography taught you?



Future plans?

Right now, we are catering our services across India; Future plans are to extend business outside of India.

Follow his work on Canvera here.


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