What Makes Drywall Construction The Best Bet For Colder Areas
By: Polka Cafe Staff on Jan 3rd, 2019

Having a home in cold climatic regions is mesmerizing but building and managing it in such a climate is a herculean task. Frozen pipes, high electricity bills and surface moisture are some issues that one has to cope with in colder areas.

From the construction perspective too, various concerns arise which need to be addressed for ensuring efficient homes. This is the reason that architects and builders look for innovative building materials that can prove to work well for colder areas.

Drywall construction is one such option that is becoming popular for construction in these areas. Here are some reasons why:

Keeps Home Properly Insulated

Extremely low temperatures in colder regions are difficult to manage. Thus, insulation is one of the most important things to consider when constructing homes. Drywalls are deemed to offer heat protection while keeping the home properly insulated. They ensure that the temperature inside the buildings remain at a comfortable level; thus, allowing owners to save on electricity bills.

Protects from Moisture

Moisture is another menace that can wither away the buildings in colder areas. It can creep from anywhere and damage the building materials gradually. By installing drywall, architects can eliminate this issue as it is moisture resistant.

Drywalls also protect the building from leakage which is again a great advantage. By combating with moisture, drywalls last longer and remain stronger when compared to traditional materials.

Environment-Friendly Option

Last but not least, drywall construction is more environment-friendly than the traditional brick wall construction. Drywall is completely recyclable and requires less water, keeping up with water scarcity. And though it is not much related to cold climate, an environmentally friendly home is something everyone should aim to ensure a better planet.

Resistant to Fire


It is a common thing and significant requirement to have a fireplace inside homes in colder regions. It helps people in combating with chilly surroundings. However, a fireplace can be dangerous as a single spark can lead to fire accidents affecting both the home its residents. Here is when drywall’s fire-resistant feature comes into play.

Manufacturers like SCG Smart Build offer drywall products that are fire resistant. If a building with drywall installation catches fire, drywall can prove to be a saviour. They can hold up the fire for around four hours, giving sufficient time for people to evacuate the house. Thus, drywall construction does not just saves the home from a fire but also ensures the safety of family members.

Faster Construction and Easy to Handle

When one is building home in a colder region, they wish that the construction takes place faster. Drywall construction can achieve this concern. As it is lighter and faster to install, workers do not need extra time and energy to construct the building.

In addition, drywall construction requires less water and sand, thereby reducing the mess that happens during the construction work. All this decreases the time of construction and helps the contractor in completing the job sooner and better.

The Takeaway

With all the advantages listed above, there is no doubt that drywall is the best bet for colder regions. It not only ensures the safety and durability of the house but also proves to be a safe option for the residents. There are plenty of drywall options available in the market depending on applications and uses.


Their application range is also wide. Whether one wants to install it for exterior walls, flooring or ceilings, drywalls can suit them all without any trouble. Construction in colder areas needs to be properly planned while keeping in mind the extremities of the climate. In a nutshell, drywall construction is surely the ideal choice to consider.

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