Follow These 10 Stylist-Approved Tips To Have A Trendy Looking Home
By: Vinithra Amarnathan on May 3rd, 2016

Little things go a long way in making your home look effortless, chic, and stylish! You will be surprised by how you can give your home a make-over by changing just a few little things. We are here to tell you exactly how you can go about doing that.

Here are 10 key tips from a stylist to give your home a fresh, new look!

Scale, Scale and Scale

Most often, we find in a house pieces that are either too little or too large for a space. It is key to get the scale right. Tiny cushions on a large couch do not make for a luxurious sink-in setting, or a small piece of art on a large wall or a large armoire in a small room all work towards limiting the look of the space. Get the scale right!

Hang Your Curtains Right!

Curtains that hang from the top of a window and end a few inches above the ground might make for easy cleaning, but also create a petticoat look that you do not want. Make sure your curtains hang from high up and pool on the floor, to create a visual of high ceilings and flowy drapes!

Do Not Use A Rug Too Small

A very common mistake I see is a small rug floating under the coffee table or in a disconnected spot! Rugs are one of the best ways to tie a room together - the bigger the better! A large rug that can go under your furniture will do a better job of making the space look larger and more tied-in than a small rug will. If a larger rug is too expensive, think of layering your favorite small rug on a larger rug in jute or sisal, which are inexpensive!

Steer Clear Of Incorrect Lighting

Too little mood lighting and harsh white lights make for less cozy, warmer homes! Create a lighting triangle with warm white/yellow light by using table lamps, floor lamps, and pendants. You want light around the room and not concentrated on one spot!

Conceal Your Wiring

We all love our TVs and music systems! But that does not mean you have to let all the wiring connected with them hang all over your house! Wiring, if not hidden correctly, looks tacky and takes away from the clean, uninterrupted look that you want in a home. We want our electronics to fade away into the overall look of a room, not stand out!

Matching-Matching Is Boring

One of my pet peeves is the need to match! You do not need your sofa and love seat and chairs to match, or your coffee table and end tables to match, or use the same wood and colours everywhere! Break it up, mix it up! Bring in colours, fabrics and textures that work together, rather than match!

Pick The Right Art

Art goes a long way in defining your home’s personality, the look you are going for, and says a lot about who you are. Take time to find art that speaks to you, that reflects your interests. It’s a myth that art has to be expensive. Good art can be posters, framed personal photographs, or prints from your favorite artists! They could even be framed artwork done by your kids!

Pay Attention To The Layout

The key things to keep in mind while setting up a space is flow and layout. You want the space to flow and allow for movement but, at the same time, feel grounded. Most often, I see large pieces of furniture pushed against the walls, leaving really no space to sit around for a conversation, or a small space saddled with too many small pieces of furniture where a single large piece might have done the trick better. It is good to create corners, areas for people to group together or a large dining table/kitchen island to gather around.

Experiment With Paint

The easiest and cheapest, but most impacting way to transform a space is through paint. Think of ideas like a boldly coloured wall, an easy and relaxed color throughout a room, an accent wall, or even a pattern through the paint in a room - feel free to experiment! Vanilla beige walls might be safe, but are also boring!

Add A Spot Of Green

Nothing breathes life into a space better than a touch of greenery. A beautiful large leafy fig or a palm tree, small cacti, or even a terrarium can totally transform a space. Don't hesitate to bring some plants into your home!

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