30+ Photographers Who Will Make Your Kid's Pictures Magical And Memorable
By: Avinash Kumai on Jan 7th, 2015

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heavenHenry Ward Beecher 


We think children make the best subjects for a photograph. Catch them in their best mood and you have the best portraits - candid, cute and innocent. Maybe this is the reason why we get excited when we see old prints of ourselves as kids, because there is a memory etched in it. 


We give you child photographers (in no particular order) from all over India that will make you awww endlessly.

1. Anup J Kat
Image credit: AnupJKatPhotography

If capturing weddings is his first love as a profession, then maternity and baby photographs are not far behind. His pictures of little ones have a personality of their own. The prints are works of art. You will say wow and not just go aww!


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2. Antony Pratap
Image credit: NevervoidPhotography

Do you think its easy to get babies pout for a photo? Looks like Pratap is one of the few who can make them do that. He also uses their curiosity to his advantage to come up with beautiful photographs. Pratap is also known for his stint on wedding, fine art, street and travel photography.


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3. Lahari Gowda
Image credit: Laharigowdaphotography

Can you imagine working with little ones and get the perfect shot every time? She has one thing in abundance – patience, a vital trait for a photographer. Looking at the clicks, we can say that kids love her too!


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4. Neeta Shankar
Image credit: NeetaShankarPhotography

Her shots of kids are similar to the wedding pictures she takes – capturing memories and full of life. We also love the way she understands various genres of photography. ‘Jill of all trades, master of all’.


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5. Sujay Naidu and Shreyanka Sujay
Image credit: Minchu Studio Rental

They specialise in portraits of little ones. We really liked the black ‘n’ whites. The light setup is just right – it sets the mood of the photos. Their philosophy that ‘photography is to adopt a personal and creative style that portrays an artistic vision’ is quite apt.


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6. Yashodeep Gore
Image credit: Greyrabbitphotography

His warm personality often puts his ‘little subjects’ at ease, allowing him to capture only the best from each of them. “The word subject doesn’t exist in my vocabulary; there are only people and objects, which I give life to,” he says.


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7. Edita Paluri
Image credit: Edita photography

“They are so miniature and so perfect… they’re simply beautiful. I can’t get enough of them,” writes Paluri on her website. Furthermore, she adds, “People are willing to capture those first precious moments in beautiful images that will last a lifetime.” Her photographs make her little subjects seem royal. Browse through her work and decide for yourself. 


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8. Shriya Patil Shinde

Her love for babies, kids and teens has resulted in her creating Precious Moments – a company dedicated to just kid photography! She has everything you would want in a baby picture – props, cute dresses, infectious smiles and sleep-induced faces… sometimes! All in all, you will be pleased you signed up.


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9. Shreya Sen
Image credit: Shreya Sen Photography

This outspoken photographer believes that we are all slaves of love! Well, that’s the reason why we do things to please our loved ones, don’t we? Her photographs of babies are as candid as her wedding pictures. Her clicks of tots are filled with a sense of wonder.


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10. Shaalini Srinivasan
Image credit: Chubbyclicks

Srinivasan started Chubby Clicks (a children photography service) because she wanted to combine motherhood with one of her passions – photography. She wanted to share the joy of photographing children and creating memories with other parents. So what will you get if you sign up with Chubby Clicks? Beautiful moments of children, mothers-to-be in their homes or her studio. The focus is on capturing natural emotions and creating artistic keepsakes.


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11. Suraj Mohandas
Image credit: SurajMohandasPhotography

Mohandas is in love with the beauty and innocence of childhood and this is one of the reasons why he photographs children. He captures kids in real life situations like playing in the beach or rolling in the dirt. He always likes to keep things real.   


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12. Neha Malhotra
Image credit: TinyLove Photography

Her pictures are cute and catchy as is her company name – TinyLove Photography. Malhotra started the firm, because wherever she went, she found that kids always had the best stories to tell. Her forte is on-location, natural light photography for new-borns and kids. We really loved the props that she gives the munchkins.


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13. Saloni Aggrawal Kochhar
Image credit: ClickFirstSmile

Stills of your newborn or candids of your toddler in play? She will capture all of those precious moments for you. The pictures have a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour. You will be thankful you called her, trust us on this one! 


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14. Puneet Bhatia
Image credit: Puneetbhatiaphotography

He puts in little subjects in a grown up setting and the result is sheer cuteness. His pictures of kids will make you adore them all the more. Little ones are treated like models and the pictures are bright and vivid.  


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15. Arnab Ghosh
Image credit: TotoGraphy

Ghosh, the owner of Tot 'O' Graphy, believes in pressing the shutter button at the perfect moment! The preciousness of that nascent moment, when you hold your baby close to your heart for the first time, cannot be compared to anything else. He and his team will be there with you capturing the moments unmatched to any experience of a lifetime.


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16. Varsha Jeetendraa and Akhila Jayaram along with Jeetendraa Bhoopalam
Image credit: Babytheory

Baby Theory was born because founder Jeetendraa and Jayaram (both moms) didn’t find good quality children’s photographers. They soon found out that it was a dilemma not just faced by them, but a lot of new moms as well. This paved the way for Baby Theory – a space where parents can click quality pictures of their kids. The snaps and videos are a fairy tale created in their studio.


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17. Sowmya Mense
Image credit: Sowmya Photography.Com

Photographs of kids clicked by Mense have a raw vibe. The photos are cute for sure, but they also have a sense of reality to them. The photos are surely an extension of her passion. She is also a well-established wedding photographer.  


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18. Marin George Aroon
Image credit: Marin George Photography

This Mumbai-based shutter bug adores infants and kids and her shots clearly establish that. The photo will make you miss your childhood days for sure. Her pictures capture innocence without missing a moment.  


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19. Nagendra Mayya

It may seem simple to a layman, but if you look closely, you will realise how he captures the essence of carefree children. He might even add themes and storylines to make it interesting.


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20. Divya Shirodkar
Image credit: Kriyetion

When Shirodkar was young, she remembers her father capture the emotions with a semi-automatic camera. The love for priceless emotions of a child and compatibility with them makes child/baby photography a challenging pleasure. Relax, your child’s memories are safe in her hands.


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21. Amrita Samant
Image credit: Mommy Shots by Amrita

If you want your baby’s pictures with little manipulation then Samant is the one you should be looking at. She does not like to make babies pose and uses props and lots of natural light. Samant beleives in 'stories with happy beginnings' and endings too, of course.  


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22. Raghav Ramaiah
Image credit: RaghavRamaiahPhotography

What started off as a hobby is now slowly grown into something he can’t live without. In our opinion, he is a versatile photographer who loves capturing live moments. Be it music, street, wedding or baby photography, he has done it all. His baby shots are simple and eye-catching.


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23. Vishal Deshpande

His pictures of babies are modest and they don’t look forced or staged. He seems like a patient photographer who will wait it out to get the perfect photo.


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24. Chandana Venkatayogi

Venkatayogi’s subjects get the majestic treatment. She manages to capture the glee and wonder in the tots' eyes.


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25. Eshita Prasanna

She will make your brats look like runway models, for real. Her pictures remind us of Humans of New York! The prints ask a lot of questions about urban life and the things we are surrounded by.


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26. Nikita Bajpai
Image credit: Le Born Studios

Well thought out pictures are what you’ll get if you sign up with Bajpai. The pictures are bright and the close-ups are full of life with themes like mermaids, birds and all things kids are enchanted by.


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27. Sairaam Rai and Leena Nair

Their pictures are happy and bustling with life. It is obvious that they enjoy working with kids. They specialise in pet photography as well.


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28. Nishant Ratnakar
Image credit: Embedded Eyes

Perhaps, as a documentary photographer, he sees things from a slightly different perspective. He loves applying photography and visual story-telling in the day-to-day lives of children. Although he is a special events photographer, we love what he has done with kid photography and can't wait to see more of his work.


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29. Deepika Puri and Sujay Reddy

Best close-ups of children we have seen so far, with high attention to detail and timing. Their click will surely put a smile on your face. The pictures are filled with creative and artistic insights. Name a theme and they will make it happen.


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30. Balachandra Kaali
Image credit: PinktoesPhotography

Want pictures of tots like the ones you see in baby magazines? Then, look no further than Pinktoes Photography. They capture the true spirit of your young ones.


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31. Janvi Rajpopat and Prateek Thakker
Image credit: Projecthappilyeverafter

Want your kid to have a great time and get photographed too? Look no further than this creative duo. The photos follow a theme that your kid and you will adore. The pictures are fun and the memories while creating them will remain with you for a long time.


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32. Sanya Sundar

Sundar was told that maternity and new-born photography has a lot of taboos and superstitions attached to it. While she is sensitive to the existence of such beliefs, Sundar believes that capturing these untainted phases gives her more joy than any other other photographic work she has done. Her prints of tots are experimental, fun, cozy and bright.


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33. Thankam Kumaran

Her pictures are bindaas! No wonder she is known as ‘Bindaas Thankam’. Photography according to her is one of the greatest visual mediums which enable her to capture the beauty of life and  interpreting life itself. All her pictures are candid moments that capture human emotions in the most carefree form. If you bring together documentary and candid photography you would get what Kumaran is known for. Her pictures of tots are actually how kids are free, untamed and raw.


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34. Shweta Mukherjee

If you want over the top shots then Mukherjee is the one who you should call. When she clicks photos for her clients – be it a glowing maternity shoot or the pristine innocence of a baby, she will ensure that the photos will be treasured for the rest of your lives. This is the biggest commitment she can make to you. The photos are fun and well executed.


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35. Devika Mahajan
Image credit: Devikamahajanphotography

Working with children is her passion because the genuineness shows on their faces, she tells us – the moment becomes a memory for a lifetime... and stays, despite how fast time flies. Plus, the affection and kind words from doting parents makes it that much better. “Being a part of someone’s smile is one of the most fulfilling things ever.” She feels. We think, her clicks capture the emotions perfectly. The pictures are so adorable! 

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Do you know of any other baby photographers who create memories? Let us know in the comments below.

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