20+ Photographers Whose Black And White Captures Make For Timeless Memories
By: Avinash Kumai on May 28th, 2015

There is a subtle charm to a black and white picture, right? Be it the feel, the contrast or the post production techniques, in the right hands, this type of photography can say a thousand words, with just two hues! Today, we look at some top notch photographers (in no particular order) whose B/W shots will inspire you to pick up a camera. Feast your eyes on these amazing clicks!


We would like to acknowledge and thank the folks at Canvera for helping us collate this list.   

Anbu Jawahar
Image credit: Anbu Jawahar

When you shoot with one of the top photographers in India, the result will, no doubt, be splendid! This picture might be a straight shot, but we love the emotion it portrays - something the couple might cherish forever.

View his work here

Abhishek Scariya
Image credit: Creative Chisel

Marriage is the most important day of a woman’s life and this photo aptly captures it! The photographer sure scores brownie points for this one.

View his work here

Ashok Arsh
Image credit: Ashok Arsh

This is the reason why perspective is really important in photography! After that, comes post processing skills. The blur gives the picture depth and feel.

View his work here

Neeraj Agnihotri
Image credit: Neeraj Agnihotri

It’s always fun if you have someone to share things in life, be it happiness or sorrow! A picture that summarises life, perhaps? The props highlight the picture further.     

View his work here

Tarun Jha
Image credit: Tarun Jha

Some pictures are just awe-inspiring and this is one of them, without a doubt! The vivid colour contrasts, the idea - we love it all.

View his work here

Rigveda Biswas
Image credit: Rigveda Biswas

The unconditional love a mother has for her child cannot be measured – only the one who gives birth will understand the true meaning of what life truly means and the burdens that come with it!

View his work here

Prasanta Singha
Image credit: Prasanta Singha

Marriage is a union of souls, but with that comes responsibility and the fear of things unknown – and the eyes never lie. A stunning mug shot, we must say!

View his work here

Rahul De Cunha
Image credit: Rahul De Cunha

Cunha is all about creative ideas! His pictures are not mere pictures; they are all about telling stories and touching people’s lives.

View his work here.

Rajiv Namathirtham
Image credit: Rajiv Namathirtham

Emotions are part-and-parcel of life and when they are caught on camera, they have a strong connection. They become a bridge, through which we travel to the past!

View his work here

Saurav Anuraj
Image credit: Saurav Anuraj

The hardest part about love is letting go and this shutter-bug marvellously captures the moment! Who says men don’t cry?

View his work here

Puja Kedia
Image credit: Puja Kedia

This picture proves how a location can subtly change the feel of a picture. So, what have we learnt today? A good location is always a plus folks!

View her work here

Abhishek Singh
Image credit: Abhishek Singh

As wise men say, ‘the mirror never lies’. A subtle shot with good execution. The B/W tint adds character to the photo!

View his work here

Sanjeev Mathu
Image credit: Sanjeev Mathu

You know what is great about a photograph? Its ability to capture more than one emotion at a single time! And the camera lens never differentiates between caste, colour and creed. We are overwhelmed by the smile on the pretty lady's face!  

View his work here

Balachandra Kaali
Image credit: Balachandra Kaali

If you are one of the best baby photographers in the business, then clicking stunning shots like this is a cake walk! Correct props, composition and feel in this one add to the charm of this picture.

View his work here.

Satya Devineni
Image credit: Satya Devineni

This is why we adore black and white pictures - it adds so much character to the picture and you are free to play around with blurs and colour reproduction. Kudos!

View his work here

Dream Artisans Photography
Image credit: Bilwanath Chatterjee

It’s quite challenging to photograph babies, but the folks at this firm achieves it effortlessly. This picture vouches for their creative insights. Are you going aww already? 

View their work here

Bimal Nair
Image credit: Bimal Nair

There is something about baby pictures on the internet and this is no exception! A heart-warming shot with natural expressions. This baby is a born poser, we tell you!

View his work here

Himanshu Jaura
Image credit: Himanshu Jaura

Now this one is a stunner. Look at the detail on this one. Candid at its best. Feels like Jaura knows post-processing like the back of his hand!

View his work here

Pranab Basak
Image credit: Pranab Basak

We might be guessing it, but this particular picture of Basak must have won awards. This is one picture we would like to come back to, time and again!

View his work here

Image credit: Madhu India

Why is it that the best pictures are produced when the subject is unaware that the shot’s been taken? Maybe Madhu can help us answer that, eh? 

View his work here

Raj Ramachandran
Image credit: Raj Ramachandran

We would not have asked for a better shot than this one. The dark background highlights the subject. A compelling image, indeed!

View his work here


Which of the above B/W pictures do you like, and what are the emotions that are best captured on a B/W photograph? Tell us in the comments below!

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