17 Library Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Even If You Are Not A Bookworm
By: Samah Mariam on May 5th, 2015
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Bibliophiles Unite....on Instagram! Libraries have taken to this social media site to show off their ambience, readers and staff – and we love it!  As much as book lovers would go crazy over these accounts, the pictures can be adored by those who aren't big on reading too. Check out these great shots, taken from library Instagram accounts.

The New York Public Library
Image credit: nypl


We are seriously in love with @chplnj's #bookfacefriday shot of Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore. #bookface 📖😆

A photo posted by The New York Public Library (@nypl) on


What We Love: Their Instagram game is strong and they update regularly. From cleverly placed book covers to fortune cookies to #letmelibrarianthisforyou, we are totally fan-girling over their account! They also repost photos that they like, like the above one which has been taken from Cherry Hill Public Library.

British Library
Image credit: britishlibrary


Stunning from above: Ever wondered what our British Library restaurant and cafe look like? #architecture #britishlibrary

A photo posted by British Library (@britishlibrary) on


What We Love: Their account lets us in on all the bookwormy things happening at the library! The images are mostly visuals from their collection, rather than the library itself. Their Instagram account has woken up from a 6 month slumber, and we are glad!

Boston Public Library
Image credit: bplboston


A view into Bates Hall, the Central Library's main reading room. #library #copleysquare #boston #bostonpubliclibrary #lookslikefinals

A photo posted by Boston Public Library (@bplboston) on


What We Love: The architecture is beautifully captured and requires #nofilter. They also Instagram the social events happening at their library.

San Francisco Public Library
Image credit: sfpubliclibrary


What We Love: They have a good mix of informational history posts, clicks at the library, events and projects taking place at SFPL and Caturday (a day dedicated to cats!)

Abilene Public Library
Image credit: Abilene Public Library



What We Love: A people-centric account, the focus is on their readers and staff. They have creative events like Lib Con, and also post a lot of memes! 

UCLA Powell Library
Image credit: UCLA Powell Library


Thanks for making us look so good @markyscott! Keep up the studying Bruins!

A photo posted by UCLA Powell Library (@ucla_powell_library) on



What We Love:  They love snapping their students, their gorgeous building and Apache–the UCLA therapy dog!

Bond University
Image credit: bond library


What We Love: The quirky librarians who are oft featured! Their milestones are well documented, like getting a new library management system! That moment definitely deserves to be Instagrammed.

NCSU Library
Image credit: nsculibraries


Our first sleeper! See, the #HuntLibrary isn't that different than D. H. Hill! #sleep #ncstate #libraries

A photo posted by NCSU Libraries (@ncsulibraries) on


What We Love: They really have fun while Instagramming. The really nice casual feel spills over –whether it's wishing good luck to their students for an exam or a picture of an ancient looking PC! They put up posts taken by students, too. 

State Library Victoria
Image credit: library_vic
Brooklyn Public Library
Image credit: bklynlibrary


Spotted in the Youth Wing. #libraryjokes

A photo posted by Brooklyn Public Library (@bklynlibrary) on



What We Love: Library jokes are always a win! They also put up pretty pictures of their surroundings in Brooklyn. 

Piscataway Public Library
Image credit: piscataway


Your next favorite book is waiting for you at the library :) #piscataway #nj #libraries

A photo posted by Piscataway Public Library (@piscatawaylibrary) on


What We Love: Lots of candid shots that make it seem like a real person rather than a library! Their book events are pretty fun. On Valentine's Day, they gave a blind date with books – the books were wrapped in brown paper with clues, and the reader had to take it home and unwrap it! Love these awesome bookworm games!

Brantford Public Library


Books our Peach won't let go of. 🐱📚 #losthorizon #jameshilton #caturday

A photo posted by Brantford Public Library (@btfdlibrary) on



What We Love: They are very pro-book, as their slogan posts will tell you. It might just motivate a non-reader to pick up a book!

Indiana State Library
Image credit: state_library


A view inside the old entrance of the State Library

A photo posted by Indiana State Library (@state_library) on


What We Love: Watch out for their tips on how to preserve books or photographs (and how bad it is to use lamination or tape to cover it up!) They also have quirky hashtags like #governmentdoxroxmysox

The Black Diamond (The Royal Library)
Image credit: dorteddiamant


What We Love: A relatively new account, The Black Diamond is an extension of the Royal Danish Library and their account covers a lot more cultural activities. This picture is the view of the library garden. 

Bibliotheque BNF
Image credit: bibliothequebnf


#Repost @editor_esra with @repostapp
National Library in #Paris #BnF #Richelieu

A photo posted by Bibliothèque nationale France (@bibliothequebnf) on


What We Love: Their account tells us about the happenings from in and around the library, showing off their beautiful collection (as they should!). We wish they would take more ambience photos from their own account instead of regramming them, though.

Singapore Public Library



What We Love: They put a lot of thought into their Instagram while keeping it laid back. The way they cover cultural events and their other posts give you the feeling that they really enjoy Instagramming (but then again, who doesn't?)!

Los Angeles Library


Repost from @experiencela The beautiful Central Library. #library #losangeles #dtla

A photo posted by Los Angeles Public Library (@losangeleslibrary) on


What We Love: This is such a well-managed account that tells us about the different events happening at the library. They also share the experiences of the readers who call the library their second home. We also love the book recommendations that the librarians give.


Which of these libraries would you follow? Tell us in the comments.

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