Celebrate The Start Of A New Life With These 25+ Maternity Photographers
By: Avinash Kumai on Mar 25th, 2015

In the past, most people have avoided maternity photographs, since there was a taboo attached to it because of certain superstitious beliefs. We at Polka Cafe are glad that a number of young couples and parents-to-be are thinking differently. Maternity, after all, is the most beautiful part of a woman's life. It’s the window to motherhood and celebrates hope and a new beginning in every possible way. Reason enough to capture those memories, don't you think? Below, we look at maternity photographers (in no particular order) who are changing the way we look at "bumpy" pictures.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the folks at Canvera for helping us put this list together. 

Anup J Kat
Image credit: AnupJKatPhotography

If Tom Cruise is the cool cat of Hollywood, then Anup certainly is the cool ‘Kat’ of the photography world. His works are masterpieces in their own right. Contrast, feel, depth and character, you will find them all. Apart from his wedding pictures, he is renowned for his underwater maternity photographs… Yes, you read that right. Underwater maternity pictures! It might seem mind-boggling, but when you are with Kat, you are in safe hands. And what’s art without a streak of madness, eh?

Maternity shoots: Rs 50,000.

Wedding shoots: start at 1 lakh for one day.

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Lahari Gowda
Image credit: Lahari Gowda

Mumbai-based baby/wedding and maternity photographer picked up the camera in her school days and realised a woman looked most beautiful when she is expecting her baby. She is intrigued by the happiness, delight, apprehensions and mixed emotions an expectant mother goes through, yet with a constant smile. “I love to capture the eagerness of the parents to have the baby and the preparation they do – I love capturing happiness, I guess that's my theme… always,” says Gowda.

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Amrita Samant
Image credit: Mommyshotsbyamrita

We find out that maternity portraits aren’t all about giving your photographs a memory of the occasion. Samant, the photographer behind Mommy Shots by Amrita, believes in creating memories that all parents-to-be can cherish. What's unique about this fun photography firm? Their 'Bump to Baby' concept – an idea that includes recurring shoots every three months evolving into a final portfolio that incorporates the different stages of your child’s first year, complete with storyboarding, concepts and themes. Their growing up package will share equal memories and stories too. “We look at personalising a photo-shoot based on the baby’s personality, their mannerisms, the parent’s story, themes, props and many more, making each image precious for you,” enthuses Samant.

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Thankam Kumaran

“Maternity photography is one of the most amazing genres and needs a lot of attention to detail, so making sure the expecting mother is comfortable is key,” says Kumaran. Before the shoot, there are lot of chats between her and the expecting mother to know what she likes and what she does not. This gives Kumaran an understanding on how adventurous or conservative the approach can be. “Some would-be-parents would like to experiment with creativity, while some like to keep things normal,” Kumaran explains. She likes using elements of nature to bring the essence of maternity into the picture. Her photographs are all about naturalistic settings and vivid colours.

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Edita Paluri
Image credit: Edita Photography

The woman behind Edita Photography is an ace baby photographer, but also adores taking pictures of moms-to-be. “I make my own props, and even design maternity gowns for mothers in the pictures,” reflects Paluri. Her photos celebrates motherhood in every way. The pictures are bright and simple, yet eye-catching.

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Devika Mahajan

“In shooting maternity photos, the focus is way different compared to baby portraits or child photography,” begins Mahajan. Further, “while the expressions are key, we also need to highlight the bump. Similarly, if the mom and dad are both in the shot, the focus shifts to things like – the story, their expressions, their combined love for their baby-to-be and the bump. The photos are special because it’s the prologue to the story that is yet to states,” says Mahajan.  

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Antony Pratap
Image credit: Nevervoid Photography

When it comes to clicking moms-to-be, Pratap believes in capturing fine-art maternity photography and not the regular studio shots with plain backgrounds – giving it a dreamlike feel through creative processing techniques. Further, he tries to bring out the sense of motherhood, so the pictures don’t look forced.  

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Suraj Mohandas
Image credit: SurajMohandasPhotography

Mohandas does not follow a specific creative process when it comes to snapping maternity pictures; it’s all in the moment, he says. “The subject matter is emotional and the style is spontaneous. It’s all very real and beautiful,” he concludes.  

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Puneet Bhatia
Image credit: Puneetbhatiaphotography

“I don’t know about other photographers, but I never follow the same process for all my clients; I like to mix and match my style according to the client’s requirement,” clarifies Bhatia. He doesn't shoot in a studio; he prefers capturing them at their residence so that they feel comfortable. Hire him and see for yourself.

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Nagendra Mayya
Image credit: Nagendra Mayya

This Bangalore-based photographer is all about grassy backdrop with colorful attire when it comes to maternity shoots. “My team and I take baby boy- and girl-specific themes so parents can announce their baby’s arrival on various social media platforms,” enthuses Mayya. The firm also specialises in chalkboard writing and announcement posters describing details about the baby shower, birth announcement and more. Cute, eh?

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Anbu Jawahar
Image credit: Anbujawahar photography

Jawahar is an artist by training, a designer by profession, and a photographer by capacity. His photographs fuse the ideas of the different media that have inspired and taught him. He has dabbled with every genre of photography right from wedding, automobile, music and many more. His maternity photo are thoughtful with the right amount of spunk. He is a master of composition especially when it comes to post-processing too.

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Divya Shirodkar
Image credit: Kriyetion

Shirodkar likes to keep her pictures non-ordinary, and away from the usual expressions and props. In her opinion, an expecting mother looks way more gorgeous than a bride and a maternity photo shoot should highlight that! We could not agree more.

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Sanya Sundar

Book a shoot with Sundar, the owner of The Looking Glass - Maternity, Newborn & Kids and she will provide you everything from concepts to styling, accessories, props and sets. Every photo session here is crafted to make mums-to-be happy and relaxed. Staying true to that, her styling is natural and seemingly effortless. “I capture the emotion that surrounds them. It’s all about them and this exciting journey they are on together,” ends Sundar.

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Shweta Mukherjee

Her maternity clicks are as subtle as her baby photographs. “Be it a glowing maternity shoot or the pristine innocence of a baby, the photos will be treasured for the rest of your lives, rest assured,” states Mukherjee. Her photos are natural, colourful and happy. “I believe that when babies grow up and see the photos, they should get the feeling that they were celebrated right from the beginning,” adds Mukherjee.

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Baby Theory
Image credit: Baby Theory

The beautiful people are Baby Theory believe that the bond between a mother and child starts right from the womb. They provide a fun and safe environment to capture this connection on celluloid. You could carry your ultrasound scans and other memorabilia for the shoot too. FYI, shoots can be done at home as well. Their pictures will put a smile on your face for sure.

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Kaninika Gupta
Image credit: Kaninika Gupta

According to Gupta, maternity photography is one of her favourite things to do as a photographer. “For me, the real beauty of a maternity shoot is the feeling and the emotions of the moms- and dads-to-be. You can just feel the emotion behind it and as a photographer, it’s my goal to give you the same,” states Gupta.

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Shreya Sen
Image credit: Shreya Sen Photography

Sen’s maternity pictures have great artistic insight – if you look carefully, you will see that every photograph has hidden meaning and references drawn to life and new beginnings.

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Vaijayanti Varma

“I have a real, evocative, photojournalistic approach to shooting a wedding,” writes Varma on her social media page. But when we looked at her work, we could see that photojournalistic approach in all her work. Her work is a fusion of fine-art, contemporary and minimalistic imagery. She is all about keeping things real and capturing true emotion with the prime focus on the moment before her, and making each image as beautiful as possible. What we also liked is that most of her work is lined with subtle bouts of humour.

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Neha Malhotra
Image credit: Tinylovememories

Malhotra is the founder of TinyLove Photography specialising in new-born, child, maternity and family photography services. Her pictures are fun, untraditional and totally unscripted.  TinyLove Photography is all about making fun and breathtaking memories.

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Shaalini Srinivasan
Image credit: Chubbyclicks

The folks at Chubby Clicks are open to experimenting, depending on the preferences of their clients. “Some prefer more natural shots while some prefer a theme-based shoot with props,” points out owner Shaalini Srinivasan. The firm creates personalised custom props and focuses on the quality of the shots rather than the quantity. Their strength lies in understanding the expectations of the client and moulding themselves to put a smile on their face. 

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Rimi Sen
Image credit: Memorylane

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not just depth of field.” This was well said by Peter Adams. Maternity shoots take Sen one step further to the love and bonding the couples share among themselves. “I love to shoot not just the mom but the to-be dad too, his excitement and joy to welcome their unborn child to this world,” Sen explains. Further, “Involving him not only makes her comfortable but also depicts the feelings they go through at this stage.” Sen loves to shoot the beauty of their relationship rather than just focusing on the changes in her body.

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Rimjhim Bora and Saurabh Dharmawat
Image credit: Memento of Shades

Emotions play an important role in their photography. The duo captures the perfect bonding of the mother and the child from the first moment by blending the aesthetics of classic, outdoor and intimate maternity photography. The picture is experimented with lights and locations. They understand their client’s requirements and suggest the suitable wardrobe and poses that will enhance the moment. Moreover, by using various traditional maternity props, they try to make the photographs more expressive and eternal. “We also offer exclusive paternity shoots to make the fathers feel special,” expresses Bora. Together, they run Memento of Shades.  

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Chandni Dua
Image credit: Chandni dua photography

It’s not just the smiles or the poses; it’s the real-life elements which she likes to include to make it an unforgettable experience for her clients. When she is shooting maternity pictures, Dua likes to include what the mom-to-be actually craves for, or which colour her husband prefers on her during this phase of their lives. Her pictures capture the raw essence of the moment. “I just try to photograph reality in its unaltered phase,” she enthuses.

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Vikas Reddy and Sidhu Soma
Image credit: Pixel Army

When this firm is shooting pictures of mothers-to-be, they give utmost importance to safety, followed by the mother's comfort. They select locations that are pleasant to be around – places where moms can have a good time along with their better half and family. This helps them capture great candid moments which might also involve themes and props. The firm also captures the mother’s picture just twenty days before their delivery date and clicks a picture of the baby twenty days after birth as well.

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Mukul Saraogi
Image credit: Mukkz Photography

Saraogi, unlike other photographers is quite different. He prefers taking pictures at the clients house in the ninth month of the pregnancy, with skin-hugging suits to highlight the curves “There is a sense of comfort and ease, also helps to get different emotions amongst the couple when the surrounding is familiar,” points out Saraogi. Adding “Since maternity is a new concept, many ladies are not comfortable, so a location where they are comfortable adds to the final product, plus the home can act as props too.” ends Saraogi.

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Rohith Kumar
Image credit: Babygrafy

Kumar calls himself a candid photographer and values a picture where the true moment of the couple is portrayed.  “I normally shoot outdoors, and make sure the couples are comfortable, while keeping distance, of course,” he tells us. Adding “posing in situations like these is quite a challenge as comfort should also be taken care of.” Kumar doesn't tell them anything, just gives them a location and tells them to enjoy the moment. When he sees a connection between the couple, he takes the shot. He maternity pictures are eye-catching and funny. 

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Bhumil Soochak

“When the kids grow up and see these pictures,  the clicks should engulf them with a feeling of joy, the photographs should tell them that their parents had fun while taking them,” clarifies Rajkot-based shutterbug Soochak. Be it in a studio or an outdoor shoot, his pictures are awe-inspiring and natural. Glance though his work and you will stumble upon clicks that will transport you to that moment. They are all refreshing and out of the ordinary.

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Do you know of other photographers who are changing the way we look maternity pictures? Let us know in the comments below.  

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