19+ Tea Places In Bangalore That Are Ideal For Witty Conversations And Lazy Afternoons
By: Avinash Kumai on Feb 2nd, 2015
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Bangalore is all about coffee, but this busy cosmopolitan also has its share of loyal tea drinkers. So without further ado, we give you a list of tea places (in no particular order) that you must visit at least once.  

1. Infinitea
Image credit: Infinitea

Who doesn’t know Infinitea? Every tea fanatic swears by this place, they have all the flavours you can think of. From exquisite teas like Peony Rosette and Pearls Of The Mountain to Oolong teas like spring specialty First Flush and Red Thunder, they have it all. Not to forget other types like herbal, fruit, green and black teas. There is nothing like sampling a hot cup of tea sitting in an opulent space.


Location: Cunningham Road and Indira Nagar


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2. TasTea: Not your usual cup of tea
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As the name suggests, tea here is different. You will love the special Hyderabadi Irani tea, famous for its rich and quality taste. We recommend you try them without any sides or you will ruin the flavour.


Location: BTM Layout 2nd Stage


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3. Teashot
Image credit: Teashot

This tea room/café is started by a group of tea connoisseurs who have extensively travelled around the world to bring the world’s best tea to your door step. The teas are blended with the best leaves from the highest quality certified gardens of Sri Lanka, Niligiris, Assam and Darjeeling to add to the aromas that last for a long time. Try usuals like soothing ginger, addictive cardamom, must masala, earl grey, Assam and Darjeeling tea and more, accompanied by tidbits like cheese finger, samosa and puffs. If you want to try something more traditional, they have coffee and milkshakes too.


Location: Whitefield


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4. Mr Hong
Image credit: Mrhong

One among few places in Bangalore that pairs its food with in-house teas like hibiscus, Japanese Sencha, Jasmine Pearl, Dragon Well, Assam and Darjeeling tea. Their oriental food is to die for as well.


Location: Malleshwaram


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5. Dial a Chai
Image credit: Dial a Chai

Want a tea house that delivers? Then Dial a Chai is your answer! There have one of the best ginger and masala chai’s in the city. And piping hot pakodas, sandwiches and paratha to go with it! 


Location: Koramangala


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6. Chai Point
Image credit: Chai Point

The people at this cosy space believe that ‘India runs on chai’. The chai here is made with 100 per cent natural ingredients and has the right flavour. If you like you tea with milk then this is the place to go.


Location: Basavanagudi, 7th Block, Koramangala and Kaikondanahalli


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7. Tea Mount
Image credit: Tea Mount

This place serves tea that is nicely made and pocket friendly too. Plus, they cover a lot of flavours right from ginger, black and lemon to fruit flavoured brews like strawberry, cherry and chocolate tea as well! We suggest you go and check it out for yourself.


Location: Embassy Golf Links, Domlur


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8. Chaipatty
Image credit: Chaipatty

An idea place to go if you want to catch up with your friends from some afternoon ‘chai sai’. Close your eyes and pick anything from the menu, you will not be sorry. But what caught our eye was the cheese balls and corn churmur pired with the desi kullad chai. The combination is fabulous


Location: 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar


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9. T4u
Image credit: T4u

An eye-catching space that serves awesome grubs and drinks! There is everything from smoothies to all cold beverages you can think of. But also give a thought to their ginger kullad chai – it’s just like the ones you have at home.


Location: Banaswadi


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10. Tea Journey
Image credit: Tea Journey

In a nutshell, Tea Journey is a tea leaf store where tea lovers can come and create their own blends of tea. Plus, it’s also a space where you can experiment and taste different types of brews. We feel that there is nothing like creating a blend to suite your taste and waking up to it every morning.


Location: HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar


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11. Pani Kum Chai

The things they serve here is as unforgettable as their name! From burgers to roll and cutlets, they have you all sorted out. Pair them with a cup of lemon or milk tea and you are set.


Location: HBR Layout


Phone: 8971814710

12. Masala Chai

A decent place serving all the four ‘o’ clock munchies and drinks that comes to mind. They have everything, masala fries to bun maska, but we were delighted when we saw cutting chai on the menu. There is something special about a cutting chai, isn’t it? 


Location: Whitefield


Phone: 080-49545043

13. Artea Matters
Image credit: Artea Matters

This is a place where ‘art and tea’ converge. This space was started by Sreela Deb, an art and tea enthusiast with the idea is to initiate people into appreciating and buying good tea and high-quality art combined with a tea room. There is also is a place to try your hand at art and music activities for all age groups. Plus, all the teas are matched with sumptuous brownies, cupcakes, quiche, Bengali aaloo chop and shingaras.


Location: Whitefield


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14. Pichkari
Image credit: Pichkari

People in Bangalore may know them for their breakfast options, but they also have nicely done brews to offer like masala, ginger and green tea, washed down with a slice of pancake or sandwich omelette.


Location: Kundalahalli, Brookefield


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15. My Tea House
Image credit: My Tea House

As the name suggests, this new space is known for its brews. They have everything from Chinese green tea, Darjeeling vintage and Malaysian tea. Look out for flavours like herbal and fruit. Pair them with burgers and other tidbits. This place hits all the check marks on our list.


Location: Koramangala


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16. Sandwich N Chai
Image credit: Sandwich N Chai

The menu is short, but has all that you need. Order the kullad ginger chai here, it’s that’s good. Try the PBJ sandwich with the tea, it’s awesome.


Location: 7th Block, Koramangala


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17. Tea Brew
Image credit: Tea Brew

Another chic tea room you have to visit. They serve over 40 varieties of steaming hot teas. Right from Darjeeling, Jasmine Green, Ginseng Oolong, Rooibos, Chamomile or Blooming tea, their authentic variety and fresh aroma of teas will relax your senses and clear the muddle off your head for sure. Their food is top notch too.


Location: Indiranagar


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18. T-Time Lounge
Image credit: T-Time Lounge

T-Time is your answer for that tea time hunger. The have brew options like masala, ginger, elachi cinnamon and rose, followed by the T-Time special tea. They also have a section in the menu called energizers that lists neat options like black, ginger dip, slim dip, tulsi and black mint tea. All the versions will put a smile on your face for sure.


Location: 9th Block, Jayanagar


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19. Yauatcha
Image credit: Yauatcha

Yauatcha will get you close to the tea drinking culture in China. They have exclusives that you could try like a black tea called Tian Hong or the green option named Taipei San Xia Green Tea, and many more. Also look out for the blue roasted tea or the Anxi Tie Kuan Yin or the Four Season’s Oolong. There also have Indian brew like Kashmiri kahwa if you want something different.


Location: MG Road


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Honourable mentions: 


Makkah Café


Yes, Johnson Market can be a crowded place, but if you are a tea connoisseur then Makkah Café is the place to visit. The Afghani tea or sulaimani chai is popular among the tea drinking community in Bangalore. We noticed that the flavour of the tea is down to the t – the brew, sugar, and a dash lemon, finished with a mint leaf for added flavour.


Location: Johnson Market


Phone: 080-22274247


Take hot chai


There is nothing more fulfilling then a plateful of samosas accompanied by a glass of hot masala chai at four ‘o’ clock, right? Well, you can experience that here. The folks here also have other brew varieties like ginger, green and our very own dum chai followed by sandwiches and puffs.


Location: Koramangala


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Savera Tea Stall


As they say ‘good thing come in small packages’ – this place lives up to that name. Try the Bombay Special Chai and the rusk here – it’s a match made in heaven.


Location: Russell Market


Phone: 9845450553

Do you know of other tea rooms in Bangalore whose tea is worth dying for? Let us know in the comments below.  

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