10 Indian Bloggers Take You Along On Their Exquisite Travels Via Their Vivid Travel Blogs
By: Nidhi Singh on Apr 21st, 2015
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Are you bitten by the travel bug and want to discover more of the world? If yes, then reading these travel blogs will inspire you to plan your next adventure. So pack your bags and come with us! These travel bloggers have listed out some amazing travel stories and useful tips in their blogs, which can serve as a guide to those looking for some travel experiences. Read these blogs and feel like you have almost reached your dream destination!

Siddhartha Joshi
Image credit: sid-thewanderer

Siddhartha Joshi is the extraordinary blogger behind the travel blog 'The Wanderer', where he attempts to open up to strangers. The Pune based industrial designer, street photographer and travel blogger enjoys sharing stories as much as travelling around the world. Apart from his fascinating stories, this blogger also shares travel and photography tips.

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Lakshmi Sharath
Image credit: Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath, a popular travel blogger, media professional and a photographer quit her job to become a full time traveler. After travelling to more than 25 countries spanning 5 continents, her current passion lies in traversing all states of India. Lakshmi started her blog, 'A Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker' in 2005 purely out of curiosity, but she eventually got addicted to writing and travel.

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Shivya Nath
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The 23-year-old Shivya had never planned to quit her cubicle bound life to join the travel industry! In 2013, she was awarded India's Best Travel Blogger at the Indian Blogging awards. Shivya's blog will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and travel the world.

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Mridula Dwivedi
Image credit: Travel Tales From India

Mridula Dwivedi is known for her travel blog ‘Travel Tales from India’. The award winning travel blogger started her blog in 2005 when she got inspired by her sister and brother- in-law, who were into blogging before her. Her blog has been praised by BBC and the Guardian, and was declared as the best travel Indiblog at the India Weblog Awards in 2007. Mridula’s blog is about travel tales from India and abroad.

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Srinivas Kulkarni
Image credit: srinistuff

Srinivas Kulkarni, an aspiring writer, author and a blogger started his blog ‘Travel Tales’ in 2005 .Till now he has travelled to various parts of India and his travel journey is shared on his blog, where he writes about the people and places he comes across. This travel blogger should definitely be on the list of all lovers of the Himalayas, as you will find a lot of travel stories from the Himalayan region in his blog.

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Ajay Jain

Ajay, a travel enthusiast, made a life changing decision in 2004. He quit his job in print media and started a career in professional blogging! Later, he started Kunzum.com, a travel blog, named after a high altitude pass in the Lahaul-Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.The blog serves as an important guide for travelers planning a trip to India and other international destinations.

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Arti S
Image credit: myyatradiary

Arti S, the creator of travel blog 'My Yatra Diary' shares the spiritual journeys she initiates in India. She loves travelling to places of historical and religious importance and her blog aims to help those who want to plan a trip. Her blog includes vivid descriptions and pleasing photographs of the place, as well as tips on places to eat, stay and shop.

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Anuradha Shankar
Image credit: Anushkam

Anuradha Shankar has essayed various roles in her life – homemaker, mother, traveler, bookworm, photographer and an aspiring freelance writer! Whew! She ditched a career choice of becoming a scientist. Instead, she chose to pursue what was closest to her heart – Writing. Her blog ‘A Wandering Mind’ is replete with travel tips and a few other things in her life.

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Anita Bora
Image credit: Anita Bora

Anita Bora, a traveler, photographer, biker and wine lover enjoys her passion for travelling, from exploring nearby places to overseas adventure trips. In her blog ‘Just A Little Something’, Anita narrates must travel trips, food and drink, technology, trends and experiences.

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Anil Purohit
Image credit: windyskies

Anil Purohit is a popular travel blogger. He started his travel blog 'Windy Skies' in 2005 and reveals he inherited the travel bug from his father! Anil’s blog captures his trips around some of India’s less known spots .He is among the few Indian bloggers to get nominated in the Lonely Planet Travel Blog awards.

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Did these travel bloggers inspire your next trip? Share your travel plans and experiences with us in the comments section. 

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