India's Top Photographers Share Their Favourite Destinations To Shoot Weddings
By: Avinash Kumai on May 19th, 2015

The idea of a wedding sure has changed. A wedding in 2015 is much more than just a ‘union of two souls’! As photographer Arjun Kartha reflects, “The way we look at weddings has really changed over the last few years: as Indians we’re now discovering that weddings are an experience. An experience that we’re keen to provide to our families, in addition to our guests! And that is why the big-fat-Indian-wedding has now become the big-fat-Indian-destination-wedding.” We could not agree more!

Below, some ace wedding photographers (in no particular order) talk about their favourite wedding destinations in India and abroad!

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Mark Swaroop
Image credit: Mark Swaroop

“I love travelling, and I’m lucky I can combine that with work.” Swaroop starts off. Adding “Italy has to be the best destination for a wedding. Italy is everything that it is made out to be. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, with beautiful people! Rich in culture and heritage, I think I also like it because the Italians are a lot like Indians. They are all about family, food and tradition! It makes for wholesome pictures.”

He elaborates “The wedding I shot there was a combination of a Malayali and Italian wedding, in a historical township called Ascoli Piceno. It’s a quaint town with a beautiful cathedral. The wedding was interesting to shoot, because on one side we had Indians dressed traditionally, and on the other we had Italians in their well-tailored suits! It was the experience of a life time,” reminisces Swaroop.

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Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel
Image credit: Photo Tantra

The duo fell in love with Udaipur on their first shoot here! They believe the grandeur and the beauty of the place make for a stunning backdrop to a wedding. “We have shot 12 weddings in Udaipur till date, at every conceivable venue - and each time we have loved it! Our 3 favourite locations here are the Leela Palace, Jagmandir and Oberoi Udaivilas. The amazing Lake Pichola, which is where these hotels are situated, shimmers in many hues at sunset and one of our favourite shots is from there,” says Das.

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Anup J Kat
Image credit: Anup J Kat

Getting to travel to different destinations is one of the many perks of being a wedding photographer as Kat points out. He doesn't have a favourite wedding destination as such, but he love travelling to South East Asia. “Being an avid diver and also an underwater photographer, my trips invariably get extended to explore the countries and their marine life," reflects Kat How cool is that?

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Navdeep Soni
Image credit: Navdeep Soni

Soni has shot destination weddings in Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur and many more, but his favourite destination till now is the Leela Kovalam, Kerala. “I have shot over there more than once – it is an amazing beach property with breathtaking views,” he tells us. Further, “While almost all the destination weddings [are] similar in look and feel, this place looks beautiful and off-beat.” His favourite spots for shoots were the cliff, infinity pool and the beach.

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Devendra ‘Dev’ Purbiya

Dev’s favourite wedding destination is Abu Dhabi. He loves it because it has a mix of everything – a concrete jungle nested amidst parks, with beaches and everything else you could want. “It was a traditional Tamil wedding in Abu Dhabi. The venue got shifted from Chennai to Abu Dhabi just three weeks before the wedding. This is when they called me and asked me if I would mind traveling to Abu Dhabi. Who says no to something like this? I just remember saying ‘hell yeah!’” Dev remembers.

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Amrit Vatsa
Image credit: Amrit Vatsa

Most of the destination weddings Vatsa has shot have been in India, in places like Goa, Udaipur, Jaipur and more. There was also a cruise wedding that he shot over 2 years ago, sailing from Singapore to Thailand! “I am tempted to think of that as my most favourite destination, but I will go with a wedding that I shot in Udaipur in January last year at Devigarh Palace,” remembers Vatsa.

He explains “I think it’s a matter of personal taste. Because I live in Goa, I am less attracted to destination weddings that are around a beach – a palace wedding on the other hand, is a different deal altogether. Also, the wedding had a limited number of guests! Everyone looked good, the couple were great friends – they were in love and their pictures came out great. I get positive vibes from that wedding,” reflects Vatsa with a smile.

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Atul Pratap Chauhan
Image credit: Atul Pratap Chauhan

Chauhan loves Udaipur. He tells us that Udaipur offers everything for photographers, is peppered with great architecture and is choc-a-bloc with romantic settings! “I remember shooting this pre-wedding shoot at the Oberoi Udaivilas. The couple were on one boat, and I on the other. It was difficult to get the right image, because the water was not steady! Thankfully, the couple were cool and we got the right picture.”

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Vinay Aravind
Image credit: Vinay Aravind

Aravind loved shooting in Negombo, Sri Lanka! The wedding - at this beach resort, North of Colombo - was quite the spectacular affair. “I liked this place because the beaches are broad, beautiful and clean. The resort where the shoot happened (Jetwing Blue) was simply spectacular, and the light was terrific. It didn’t hurt that this was a particularly well-planned wedding. And of course, Sri Lankan food is quite brilliant, so that was an additional perk,” he says.

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Edric George
Image credit: Edric George

Goa is his favourite destination. Being a Goan, he knows the place like the back of his hand, and that's one of the reasons why he recommends Goa to his clients! This wedding (above) was the most memorable one for him because the couple went out of their way to get everything right. “They travelled 35 kilometres to meet their favourite makeup artist and another 75 kilometres to the location of the shoot! In the picture above, I was in knee-deep muck to get the photo right, it had to be done,” recalls George.

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Arjun Kartha
Image credit: Arjun Kartha

Kartha expounds, "We are lucky to live in a country with an abundance of locations to choose from - the hills of Mussoorie, the palaces in Udaipur and the beaches in Goa! The more exotic locations in South East Asia are also a short plane ride away! Personally, I love heritage locations, and some of my favourite images come from the Samode Palace in Rajasthan. Split into two parts, it’s a perfect spot for a wedding. Of course, having a lovely couple who couldn’t wait to tie the knot always helps get great images,” says Kartha.

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Vaijayanti Varma
Image credit: Vaijayanti Varma

Rajasthan is her favourite city for destination weddings. A visit here for a wedding always leaves Varma feeling content and satisfied. “This one time in Jaipur, while driving with a couple for their pre-wedding shoot to Amer Fort, we were at a crossing in the city, and at the centre was a gorgeous monument in the backdrop of a hill. I stopped the couple there and quickly took a shot! Sometimes, the best shots come out with zero planning. And that’s what I love. Rajasthan always has pleasant surprises waiting,” she enthuses.

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Navin Kumar
Image credit: Retina Charmer

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Kumar’s favourite. The wedding he remembers from there took place at Havelock Island. This wedding is extremely close to Kumar’s heart for several reasons - the love towards the place, the guest list of just 13 people (including him and the pastor!) and the thrill of capturing the 9th destination wedding to have happened in this place, ever! “I still remember that day when my client insisted to carry my camera bag (that was an unbeatable gesture). There are many other things as well - we had dinners together under the star-lit nights on a secluded beach, with a canopy and candle lights accompanied by the cool breeze! Basically, the wedding was an overall package of unforgettable memories with the warmest possible gestures," reminisces Kumar.

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Rohith Ravi
Image credit: Rohith Ravi

One of Ravi’s favourite locations till date is a hill station in Gujarat named Saputara. “I loved everything about the place - the location, the climate and all the good hotels around! It was quite easy to reach there from Mumbai too. The hills of Saputara were so beautiful that I could find an awesome frame anywhere I pointed my camera. We went on a drive for the couple shoot and I remember how satisfied I was on the way back.”

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Saneesh Sukumaran
Image credit: Saneesh Sukumaran

Sukumaran really doesn’t have a favourite destination - for him, weddings are all about the people and just the people! You could have a nice locale, but if you don’t have great people, it’s of no use and vice versa. “Having said that, few years back I had shot a wedding in Slovakia and I got a chance to photograph and witness a lot of Slovakian traditions,” he recalls. "There is a custom where the groom comes to the bride’s house and bribes the bride’s family for the marriage! After that, they celebrate with shots of hard liquor. I was running away from the bride’s father, who was making everyone drink! He finally caught me and asked me to drink. I told him I don't drink. (It was morning before breakfast and I had the whole day, till midnight, to shoot). But he was not convinced and made me take a few shots. That was an experience,” says Sukumaran, laughing. 

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Monisha Ajgaonkar
Image credit: The Photo Diary

Ajgaonkar and her team have shot several weddings all over India and overseas, but their most favourite destination is Udaipur. She loves the historic feel of this place, and the location always makes her fall in love with it. “The most memorable thing I remember is the food! (laughs) Just kidding! During the pre-wedding shoot, we were scouting for things and we came across this guy with a camel and a killer moustache! We hired him and his camel for the next day’s shoot and he didn’t even charge us. People are friendly and helpful - that’s what I like about that place and the food, alright… guilty as charged,” states Ajgaonkar, laughing.

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Do you know of any other photographers, like the ones featured, who take amazing shots of destination weddings? Let us know in the comments below.

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