Let These 10+ Women Travel Bloggers From India Enthral You With Their Tales Of Travel
By: Lily Dechamma on May 17th, 2016

The world has so much to offer in terms of travel. There is so much to see and learn, as every country has a dearth of different art and culture. Some of us are perpetually bitten by the travel bug and are constantly on the look out for a different place to go to. Some of us even pen down what we see and enthrall the world with these stories. These niche lot are called travel bloggers. Here is the list of women only travel bloggers, who continue to tell us tales from different cities.

While you are at it, check out these Instagram Travel Accounts.

Anuradha Goyal-Inditales
Image credit: inditales

Anuradha has been blogging for over 12 years now. Her blog, Inditales, has been flourishing. It has been rated as ‘50 best blogs on travel around the world’. Anuradha has also authored a book called, The Mouse Charmers, Digital Pioneers of India.

Blog Contains: Her blog is both informative and charming. She also covers Indian & International tourism destinations with focus on walking tours, art history, culture, heritage and nature trails.

Read More At: www.inditales.com

Lakshmi Sharath-Travel With Lakshmi
Image credit: Travel with Lakshmi fb

Lakshmi Sharath, with her true vagabond spirit, backpacks around India and the world. She speaks about the people she meets, the interesting places she goes to and of course, her passion, travel. She quit her 9-5 job to follow her dream of travelling. 

Blog Contains: Her journey around India and the world

Read More At: www.lakshmisharath.com

Aarti-My Yatra Diary
Image credit: My Yatra Diary Fb

With her inherent travel gene, she loves travelling with her father! Her blog also helps others plan their journey. She enjoys travelling to spiritual places in India. Through her travelling, she seeks to discover the real treasures of life. 

Blog Contains: Beautiful photos from around India and a very detailed explanation of the pilgrimages she undertakes. 

Read More At: www.myyatradiary.com

Shivya Nath-The Shooting Star
Image credit: Shooting Star

At the age of 23, Shivya quit her corporate job and took the path less travelled. Literally! She travels to lesser known destinations. She works on the go to fund her travels. 

Blog Contains: Shivya blogs about how to travel on a budget and also encourages women to travel solo. 

Read More At: the-shooting-star.com

Neelima Vallangi-The Wandering Soul's Wander Tales
Image credit: Travel With Neelima fb

Neelima is an adventure travel enthusiast. She loves travelling to the lesser known places in India. She has been featured many times on BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller India, Travel + Leisure India and South Asia.

Blog Contains: To explore the unexplored. Her blogs inspires people to travel more. She writes about her travels all over the world.

Read More At: www.travelwithneelima.com

Charukesi-Itchy Feet
Image credit: Travels with Charu fb

One of India's oldest and most popular travel bloggers, the Itchy Feet has been travelling since 2003. Charukesi first travelled abroad at the age of 26 to Thailand. Since then, she has been to 19 countries. She has been writing about her travels and has been featured in The New York Times, Time, South China Morning Post, The Economist (blogs), National Geographic Traveller, Outlook Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller, to name a few. 

Blog Contains: Charukesi writes about food, travels, photography, heritage, culture and wildlife.

Read More At: charukesi.com/itchyfeet

Bhushavali-My Travelogue

A fashion and textile designer by profession, Bhushavali, found her true calling in travel. She writes about lesser travelled paths. Her areas of interest in tarvel lies in eco-touring, heritage and a tad bit of adventure. 

Blog Contains: Her musings as she travels around India, France, Germany and Australia

Read More At: travel.bhushavali.com/p/indian-travel-blogger.html

Anuradha Shankar-A Wandering Mind
Image credit: A Wandering Mind Fb

Anuradha is a jack of many trades. She dabbles many role - a housewife, mother, traveller, bookworm, and aspiring freelance writer. A scientist by profession, a sudden turn in the path ahead inspired her to travel and write for good. 

Blog Contains: She writes about travelling in India, books, and whatever crosses her mind

Read More At: anushankarn.blogspot.in

Ankita Sinha-Anki on the move
Image credit: Anki on the move fb

An ardent travel and adventure blogger at Ankionthemove, she believes that people inspire others to a better tomorrow. Ankita's objective, through her blog is to help other travellers. Her blog contains self-narrated videos. With a spring in her step, she has set out to 7 countries already.

Blog Contains: Travel forums, help for other travellers, videos with narration about travel

Read More At: www.ankionthemove.com

Anita Bora-Just A Little Something
Image credit: Anita Recommends fb

Anita Bora writes at Just a little something. Although her passion is travelling, she is partial to running, cycling and well, cats! She enjoys discovering what the world has to offer and loves her wine and tea. 

Blog Contains: Writing about food, travel, adventure, B&Bs, etc. She also writes about art, culture, photography and sports

Read More At: www.anitabora.com/blog

Indrani Ghose-i Share

Indrani Ghose writes through i Sharethese.com. She is also a photographer by passion. Her travelogue has been published in many magazines. 

Blog Contains: Details of her travel and photography from different countries

Read More At: isharethese.com

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What do you think of these women travel bloggers? Do you know of more that can be added to this list? Tell us in the comments below. 

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