You Will Wonder How These 10+ Food Bloggers And Non Chefs Came Up With The Superhit Dishes They Created
By: Anirudh Sudan on Sep 12th, 2015

When you love food and love to experiment with different flavours and cuisines, you can cook any kind of delicious meal at your home. With the growing number of foodies out there, more and more people are opting to try their own hand at creating innovative dishes from scratch, without any kind of culinary training.

Here is a list of some delicious meals from Bangalore’s foodies, who have no professional chef training, to show us that anyone with a passion for cooking can create some of the most amazing treats.

Ambica Selvam - Coffee chicken
Image credit: Lingering After Taste

Ambica Selvam has worked in learning and development. She has been a food blogger and a photographer. Her creation is pan seared coffee chicken with smoked coffee barbecue sauce, a sensationally dark, rich, slightly sticky, smoky deliciousness!

Click here for the recipe

Harshita Bisaria - Handmade French loaf
Image credit: Edesia's FB page

An MBA in HR, Harshita Bisaria owns a home baking business called Edeisa's Gallery. Her dish is made with organic ingredients and no artificial additives. The dry fruit wine (in the image) is a special treat to have. 

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Susmita Nanda Dash - Pakhala or watery rice, potato-peas cauliflower masala and badi chura

Pakhala or watery rice is a staple dish of Odisha during the summer season. Along with potato-peas, cauliflower masala and badi chura which comprises of fried dumplings made from dried urad dal dumplings.

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Vinay Chawra - Masala paneer

Vinay Chawra has an MBA in marketing. His dish is made with homemade paneer and roasted cumin seeds, red chilli flakes, black pepper and coriander leaves. This ready-to-eat dish makes for a scrumptious snack.


Maya Prem Sharma - Chicken in chilli sauce

Maya Prem Sharma is a freelance corporate trainer. This simple Chinese dish is prepared by cooking fried chicken in sweet and spicy honey sauce, thereby giving it a perfect mix of the two contradictory flavours.


Honey Islam - Celery braised vegetables with pasta aglio olio
Image credit: Honey Islam

This consultant and food blogger has made slow cooked pasta with a side of broccoli, mushrooms and bell peppers tossed in garlic, celery and cilantro mix look real easy!

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Saima Nasreen - Maharaja dahi chicken

Saima Nasreen is a housewife. Her maharaja dahi chicken has marinated chicken with ginger garlic paste and chicken masala and is cooked with onions and tomatoes before mixing a cup of hung curd.


Sanjiv Gorka - Rainbow cutlet

Sanjiv Gorka is a central government employee. His dish is prepared with mashed potatoes, steamed beetroots, capsicum and coriander. These crispy, round, colourful cutlets make for an amazing tea-time snack.


Priyangi Prem Sharma - Broken wheat pulav

Priyangi Prem Sharma is a home chef. This pressure cooked dish is prepared with pre-soaked broken wheat and chopped vegetables, curry leaves and other spices to get an assortment of flavours.


Tapan Malhotra - Vegomellete

Tapan Malhotra works in a telecom company. His recipe involves eggs cooked with a variety of veggies like mushrooms, bell peppers, beans, onions and green chillies. It is made with a little hung curd for the soft creamy texture.


Vini Sharma - Laal Mmaas

Vini Sharma, a customer acquisitions and on-boarding manager says that a generous helping of red chilli, love for lamb and patience are the key ingredients for this fiery curry.

She claims that this traditional Rajasthani specialty is not for the faint hearted and reminds her of her ancestors. The sauce is sumptuous and a dash of ghee over burnt charcoal to finish gets a burst of smoking flavours in your mouth.

Soumya Gopi - Kerala style chicken curry
Image credit: You Gotta Try It

Soumya Gopi is a food blogger.

Click here for the full recipe.

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Which of these recipes has inspired you to don the chef's hat? Do you know of other people whose love for cooking exceeds their love for anything else? Let us know in the comments section below.

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