30 Interesting Hacks That Remind You To Never Discard That Lemon Peel Again
By: Maanasi Radhakrishnan on Jun 27th, 2016

Lemons are one of the most versatile citrus fruits. If you are like most people, you generally use lemon juice in culinary preparations, but discard the lemon peels. Did you know that you can use lemon peels in many different ways, right from your kitchen to the rest of your home and even in your car?

Here are 30 amazing uses of lemon peels that you may be unaware of.

Lemon Peels In Culinary Preparations
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The next time you squeeze lemon juice, keep the peels safe. You can combine the peels with different ingredients to create lipsmacking sauces and dips. Add finely sliced lemon peel to soy vinegar to create a citrus-flavoured dipping sauce. The peels, when finely sliced, can be used to garnish salads. Alternatively, mince the peels and mix it with butter and diced rosemary to make your own citrusy rosemary butter!

Candied Lemon Peel
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Once you taste homemade candied lemon peels, you will just get addicted to them. They go well with a cup of tea or espresso. Cut the lemon peels lengthwise and blanch two to three times to get rid of the bitterness. Then make sugar syrup and let the blanched peels simmer in it for an hour. Once the peels are translucent, remove with tongs and allow them to cool down on a wire rack. Toss the peels  in the sugar and set them on the rack once more to dry. Store in an airtight container to enjoy this heavenly treat whenever you get a sugar craving.

Lemon Grating
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Did you know that lemon peels are edible? You can grate the peels and sprinkle it on your salads, smoothies and even fruit salads. The zest not only makes the dish taste better, it also gives you a burst of flavours like never before.

Lemon Peel Infused Water
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Many people don’t like drinking plain water. You can make your water more interesting and flavourful with lemon infused water. Just take a jug of water and throw in washed lemon peels into it. Let the peels stay for an hour or more for the water to take on the citrusy flavour of the peels.

Lemon Peel Skin Toner
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If you love the outdoors, your skin is taking a beating. But, you can use lemon peel to tone and rejuvenate your skin. Just rub the peels on your skin. Be sure to squeeze them while rubbing to release some of the juice and essential oils. This will tone your skin, clean the pores and also brighten it. Wash with warm water and revel in the smoothness!

Lemon Peel Ice Cubes
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Here is something simple to add panache to your summer barbecues and parties. Remove the white pith from the peels, as it is bitter. Then cut the peel into smaller pieces. Place two to three lemon peel pieces in each compartment of the ice tray and then top with water. Allow it to freeze and use these ice cubes in iced tea, enhance plain drinking water, and give other drinks some more depth.

Lemon Peel Teeth Whitener
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Have you put off going to the dentist for professional teeth cleaning? Don’t worry. You can rub the inner part of the peel to make them instantly whiter. However, beware of this method as the acids in the peel can damage the enamel and the sourness can result in tooth sensitivity. So keep it just for special occasions

Get Rid Of Age Spots

As you age, you are bound to get age spots and uneven skin tone. You can combat the age spots by rubbing lemon peel on the spots. It will help lighten them and make your skin glow and look youthful.

Add Lemon Peel To Prevent Brown Sugar from Getting Lumpy
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Remove the pith and pulp from the peel completely. Add the lemon peel in your brown sugar. It will keep moisture at bay and prevent the sugar from clumping together.

Lighten Your Hair

Brunettes can turn their hair color to brown or blond by rubbing the inner part of the lemon peel on their hair. It will help make the hair one shade lighter. The more often you rub the peel, the lighter the effect.

Lemon Peel Tea
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Did you know you can make delicious tea with lemon tea? We are sure you didn’t know it.

Dry some lemon peels and store them in an airtight container. You can easily dry the peels by placing them on a tray and then putting the tray into an oven at 200 deg F. When you want to enjoy this soothing and warming brew, drop in the peels and make tea the way you would when you use tea leaves.

Lemon Peel Foot Bath
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Boil the peels in water and add some almond milk and olive oil. Make the temperature bearable by adding cold water and soak your tired feet in the foot bath. It will relax your feet and also soften the skin, particularly on the heels.

Remove Hard Water Stains
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There is nothing more cumbersome and irritating to remove than hard water stains from faucets and sinks. Take fresh lemon peels and rub them on steel plumbing fixtures. It will help remove the stains. If the fixtures have tough stains, repeat the rubbing process several times to get the desired results.

Get Rid of Stains From Your Hand
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If you have managed to stain your hands with turmeric or blueberry juice, scrub your hands with lemon peels to get rid of the stains. Then wash your hands with soap to remove the juice from your hands.

Eliminate Chicken And Fish Odour From Your Hands
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After cutting fish and chicken, your hands will have an odour that soap will be unable to remove. Scrub your hands with lemon peel for a minute, rinse with water and then wash as usual with soap. It will get rid of the odour and leave your skin soft and smooth.

Use Lemon Peel To Tackle Dandruff
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Rub lemon peel on your scalp and then wash as normal after 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat the process for several days until your hair is dandruff-free.

Stop Ants From Entering Your Home
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If your home attracts ants, place lemon peels in front of windows, doors and crevices. The smell of the peel deters ants and even roaches. Very soon your home will become ant-free.

Use Lemon Peel To Freshen Your Fridge
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Place a couple of lemon peels in the fridge. It will absorb nasty food odours and impart a citrusy scent inside.

Deodorise Your Trash Can
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Toss a few lemon peels into your trash can every morning before you start using it. It will absorb the odour and prevent any foul  smell from emanating from the can.

Simmering Home Freshener
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Simmer lemon peels in water on low heat. If you like, you can also toss in a few cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peels. It will impart a beautiful fragrance to your home and also help humidify the air inside.

Keep Your Coffee Pot And Tea Kettle Stain-Free

Slice the lemon peel thinly and add to the kettle. Fill the kettle with water and allow it to boil. Turn off the heat and let the water sit for an hour. Toss the water out and rinse. Your kettle will be clean, and without stains.

For your coffee pot, add salt, lemon peel and ice. Whirl the contents for two minutes and then throw it out. Rinse well, and your pot will be sparkling clean.

Disinfect The Cutting Board
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After using your cutting board for meats, poultry and fish, you can sanitise it with a lemon peel. Rub the surface with a peel and allow it to sit for five minutes. Then rinse and wash as usual.

Clean Your Microwave
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Place a whole lemon peel in a microwave-safe dish. Fill it halfway with water and microwave on high for five minutes. Use a towel to clean the interiors and remove stains, food debris and odour.

Keep Away Dogs And Cats From Your Garden
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If dogs and cats love your kitchen garden, mix coffee grounds with sliced up lemon peels and scatter around the plants. It will keep cats and dogs away and also fertilise your plants.

Deodorise Your Dishwasher

Every few days add lemon peels to your dishwasher and run just the rinse cycle. It will remove the bad odour and leave the dishwasher smelling fresh.

Prevent Fruits From Discolouration
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Did you know you can cut up fruits and keep them ready for shakes and smoothies without them turning brown? All you have to do is place lemon peels in water and add the fruits to it. This will give your smoothies and fruits a lovely lemony flavour and also make sure the fruits don’t discolour.

Instant Car Freshener
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Cut up lemon peels into small pieces and place inside a nylon stocking. Now place the stocking on your dashboard and you have a car freshener without paying big bucks for it!

Combat Motion Sickness
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If you suffer from motion sickness, keep lemon peels handy. Smell the peel if you start feeling nauseous. And, if the motion sickness worsens, just chew on the peels to prevent throwing up.

Clean Your Pet’s Fur
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If your four-legged family member manages to get dirt spots on their fur, just rub a little bit of lemon peel on the affected spot. It will remove stain and leave the fur shiny.

Make Your Nails Look Great

Nail polish and smoking can discolour your fingernails. What is the solution to give your nails a clean, fresh look? Just rub the inside of a lemon peel on your nail and restore their appearance. You can also use it on your toenails to make your feet ready for summer footwear.

How do you plan to use the lemon peel? Tell us in the comments below!

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