India's Leading Wedding Planners Share With Us The Most In-Demand Themes For This Season
By: Mayuri J Ravi on Oct 12th, 2016

The Big Fat Indian Wedding season for 2016 is here and brings with it fresh themes and ideas. “The Winter theme is indeed going to be in-demand for a good part of the on-going season. The elements of warmth and pop-ups aimed at comforting the guests are going to be the highlight, with of course the warm colour tones in the wedding decor. Although eco-friendly options need to be adopted, however, the over-the-top wedding is still the trend and obviously it keeps up to the tag of the Big Fat Indian Wedding,” says wedding consultant, Ginny Kohli of WedWise, which is a wedding consultancy service.

Be it royal, eco-friendly or rustic, couples, these days, are opting for what goes with their personality, and believe in creating a personalised event. So let’s find out what’s hot and what’s not this wedding season. We spoke to some of the top wedding planners in India, who share the themes that are in this year.

Candice Pereira, Marry Me Weddings - "Vintage And Eco-Friendly"

“This year we are seeing a lot of pretty, vintage prints. There are prints on prints with florals, stripes and solids all sitting together. We are also seeing a lot of greenery, in a more organic approach. For instance some interesting elements this season are vintage one-of-a-kind furniture, interesting lighting and paper crafted decor elements,” says Candice Pereira, who founded Marry Me Weddings eight years ago, along with her husband. Her interest in weddings, decor and styling, lead her to head the creative/wedding planning division, while her husband oversees the business management side of it.

She further adds, “There was a couple who liked a particular bar in New York - we recreated elements of that bar and the look and feel for them at their cocktail event. We have also worked on a couple’s wedding who wanted to avoid using fresh flowers so for their mehendi we used paper - origami and other interested props were crafted.”

Though Pereira says that though the theme differs with every client, they are getting a lot of clients this season, who are asking for a cleaner, more organic feel and also some who want an opulent larger than life wedding.

Neha Seth Arora, Var Vadhu - "Playful, Lavish And Fusion"

Weddings today are all about fresh ideas and concepts. Today’s world is all about trends and changes and weddings are no different. Believing in this idea and keeping this in context, Neha Seth Arora and her team at Var Vadhu have picked a few trends that they think can add to the grandeur of the upcoming wedding season, which include mix and match, edible centerpieces with geode cakes, hand painted custom crests, and fusion of hot colours for designing unique style décor.

She adds, “Planning a wedding is both amazing and exotic, and as a wedding planner, I help a couple begin an unforgettable and lifelong journey of joy, and this gives me immense fulfillment.” Founded in 2009, the team at Var Vadhu chalk out the perfect dream wedding for the brides, grooms and their families. From hotel management days to MBA ones, Arora loved everything about weddings – the high emotions, drama, celebrations, etc. So when her partner persuaded her to start a wedding management company with him, she immediately agreed. “A wedding is all about the bride and the groom getting entwined in a beautiful relationship of love. It is they who deserve all attention and thus need to be styled with the most beautiful colours to make them pop. However, most of the couple are clear as to what kind of a look they want for their wedding. Most of them are going for the most trending colours that are a melting pot of culture and theme. They are looking for a playful and fun theme (Punchy & Flashy), lavish and intimate (Jewel Tones & Spiced) along with some unique fusion elements(Tangerine & Glistering) this season,” says Arora.

As a wedding planner and as someone who has worked with a lot of couples in the last seven years, Arora has a few advices for the couples - take your time and listen to each other, be present in each moment, pay attention to details, your personal touch is most important in everything, and most importantly work as a team.

Divya And Vithika, DivyaVithika Wedding Planners - "Minimalistic And Personalised Decor"

“Most of our clients are asking for minimalistic, understated elegance and personalised décor that reflects the couple’s personal likes and tastes. We pay a lot of attention to our clients requirements and customise every aspect of the wedding as per their tastes. We truly believe that no two couples are the same and their wedding should be a reflection of their personalities,” says Vithika, who further adds that this theme will never look or feel outdated, and moreover these kind of weddings are a fun experience for their guests as well.

Divya adds that the ambience is also important and every couple wants to create a more romantic and intimate environment. “Therefore we are using more pendant lights with bare “Edison” bulbs, chandeliers (both vintage and modern) and candelabras to cast a soft glow. Metallics will never go out of style however more couples are choosing copper and rose gold instead of the traditional gold and silver,” she says, who started DivyaVithika Wedding Planners in 2009, with her partner Vithika.

But their traditional South Indian clients prefer beautiful Temple style mandaps. Vithika says, “Mandaps are now being colour coordinated with the couple's ensemble and overall theme.” For instance at the wedding of famous singer Benny Dayal the wedding was Kerala style. So the whole mandap was done in gold and white keeping in line with the culture, overall décor and the bride and groom's ensemble. According to the team, NRI's, North Indian and mixed marriage couples tend to have a lot more fun with the colours and love to bring in aspects from both the cultures into their décor. They are glad that couples today don't shy away from using bright vibrant colors for their mandaps, but at the same time pastel colours and understated mandaps are equally popular.

Sowmya Raghavan, 3 Production Weddings - "Simple, Eco-Friendly"

The team at 3 Production Weddings specialise in Indian rustic ethnic sort of styling, but are always ready to work with couples who love to add their personal touch in the theme and the planning. This wedding season, Sowmya Raghavan says that a lot of couples are venturing into subtle and understated decor. “Most couples who approach us have been asking for simple, eco-friendly weddings designed with class and elegance. These could be rustic or modern styling. This is our personal style and we enjoy designing these the most. There is also a percentage of couples who enjoy opulent set ups and over the top set ups. We have planned several weddings like this. We design them and try and make it a bit different,” she adds.

Few of the themes and trends that they have noticed are 'English and Vintage', 'All white and formal', 'Backyard/barn style', 'Glam and chic'. Raghavan suggests that the couples must prioritise on what they think is most important for them in terms of personal taste and budget, one that should speak the couple's personal style. For instance, the team once planned an Indo-American wedding, where the invites were printed on paperless post, an indian wedding at home, a reception at a concert venue with instruments set up on stage and ready for a jam and open mic and an American wedding at a barn with about 60 guests. “This wedding was one that reflected the true style of the couple,” she says.

3 Productions was founded in 2009. It was founded by Raghavan after she completed her college since she wanted to pursue setting up an organisation in the service sector.

Sahil Thakur, Frozen Apple Events - "Grand And Typically Indian"

“The clientele we handle travels from U.K, USA and UAE and these people are so particular with their requirements. Sometimes they demand grand and luxury weddings and sometimes budget weddings. We also cater grand Indian Royal Weddings, specially in destinations like Udaipur and Jaipur. But this season we are seeing that the Indian culture is at its peak. Clients are asking for themes like Banaras and Rajmahal, which looks luxurious and grand,” says Sahil Thakur, who founded Frozen Apple Events in 2010 with the motto - Freeze your memories with sweetness.

As per themes are concerned Thakur and his team do not suggest big structures but instead they play with fabric and flowers. He further adds, “When it comes to themes we do give freedom to our clients and ask them to share the reference designs and we do execute the designs as per their taste and budget because it is their special moment and we try our best to make their dream a reality.”

Bhavnesh Sawhney And Farid Khan, Wedniksha - "Royal And Rustic"

Wedniksha was founded in 2014 with an aim to create the perfect ambience for the once-in-a-lifetime special event of the couple and their family. They work with traditional and modern elements and sometimes fusion of both. The directors of Wedniksha, Bhavnesh Sawhney and Farid Khan, say, “The trending themes this season are royal palatial, exquisite floral themes, rustic vineyard theme etc. And nowadays, clients like to opt for a fusion between traditional and contemporary themes and use more westernised ideas to make their weddings more engaging and interactive. Both Bollywood and Hollywood superstars provide entertainment at these functions and make the event more exclusive. Every client is different and wants something that’s never been seen before at weddings.”

While some clients prefer extravagant and over the top weddings, there are others who like minimalistic themes. “The likes and dislikes of clients vary from one another. Every wedding is unique and we tailor make the décor theme according to each couple. For the luxury weddings, we have created palaces and other gigantic sets to make the wedding a grand affair,” they add.

While they say that their speciality is to customise themes according to each client, they do not follow the clichéd themes, but rather create new themes each time. Their advice to couples tying the knot this season is to take their time and plan their wedding well in advance so they don’t stress closer to the date.

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