These Young Social Activists Who Are Working Towards A Happier India Can Inspire Us All
By: Yamini Dhyani on Jun 21st, 2016

“Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person,” - these words by Mother Teresa are a source of inspiration to many. To some people bringing about social change is being dependent on others while for some it is a matter of ownership. We are fortunate to have such individuals who have taken up social causes and made way for socio-economic development.

Here are 7 such personalities who are living for a social cause and are leaving no stone unturned in doing so. Read on to be inspired to join them, too, in this journey and do your bit.

Ruchi Nadkarni From World For All
Image credit: World For All

Ruchi Nadkarni is the founder of World for All, an NGO that was established for pet adoptions. Based out of Mumbai, this body is more than 5 years old and is constantly striving to provide shelter to stray animals. Her efforts have made people in Mumbai adopt more than 4,000 strays. Her organisation also aims at spread awareness towards animal welfare and rescue of strays. They have a strong social media presence, too. They update their Facebook page regularly about animals who can be adopted and even the ones that need medical aid. Visit their page and you will find numerous people who are up to offer help.

Get To Know Them: World For All Facebook

Rashi Aanand From Lakshyam
Image credit: Lakshyam

Lakshyam is the brainchild of Rashi Aanand. Situated in Delhi, Lakshyam works towards welfare of children and women empowerment. This NGO has spread its wings across India, thanks to Rashi, who is also an event organiser. She has undoubtedly made use of her profession to fuel her passion. Fund raising for Lakshyam by and large happens via events and workshops. After setting up a school in Delhi that educates over 200 kids, Rashi now aims at taking her work to other parts of India.

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Anshu Gupta From Goonj
Image credit: Goonj

Anshu Gupta’s NGO, Goonj, aims to bring a positive social change across India. Focused on providing basic necessities, including food and clothing to remote villages and calamity hit areas, Goonj operates out of multiple centres in India. Their idea of creating a parallel economy with old materials as a valuable resource has garnered tremendous positive response not just in India but throughout the world. Follow their page to be updated about their projects and if you wish to donate towards the cause, you could look for a centre in your vicinity. Their volunteers are highly active on social media and provide the relevant assistance to donors.

Get To Know Them: Goonj Facebook

Ria Sharma From Make Love Not Scars
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While working on a college project about acid attacks and its survivors, Ria was so moved that she decided to turn it into a full-fledged social cause, resulting in the birth of "Make Love not Scars". Her organisation works towards providing medical and financial assistance to acid attack victims in their hour of trauma. Most importantly, they work to help such victims regain their lost confidence. Ria also aims at spreading awareness about unethical sale of acid and stopping it through #EndAcidSale project via a campaign named Style tips by Reshma.

Get To Know Them: Make Love not Scars Facebook

Pooja Taparia From Arpan
Image credit: Arpan

Arpan is an NGO operating under Pooja Taparia and its vision is to create a society where children are protected against sex abuse.  Arpan aims to empower children with the necessary information and skills to prevent the risk of sex abuse. Its various programs are aimed to spread awareness about child abuse amongst parents, students, teachers, counsellors, social workers, NGO and the Police. 

Get To Know Them: Arpan Facebook

Dhimant Parek From The Better India
Image credit: The Better India

Dhimant Parekh is the man who brings only good news to his readers via his website, The Better India. Doing social good is one thing but bringing it into light and making people aware of it is another. This website aims at spreading inspiring stories from the length and breadth of India and at the same time giving each one of us a chance on being an inspiration to someone.

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Ankit Kawatra From Feeding India
Image credit: Feeding India

Feeding India is Ankit Kawatra’s attempt to feed the hungry. Based out of Delhi, his team offers food to the needy that would have otherwise been discarded as trash. Their donors are wedding events, parties, mass social gatherings or any such occasion or opportunity wherever food is in excess. Once they are contacted, the food is picked up and usually delivered to the nearest NGO, that has a tie up with Feeding India. Currently a team of 150 people are involved in doing this in Delhi and Ankit aims to expand this project across India in the near future.

Get To Know Them: Feeding India Facebook

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Aren't these social activists and their work inspiring? Are there others like them that you would like to see here? Let us know, in the comments below.

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